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5 Benefits of Managed Service

Let’s face it. Business and technology have achieved a symbiotic relationship. They depend on the other for survival and progress. This is especially true as businesses grow. A start-up usually relies on its own in-house staff to manage IT requirements and it make sense to do that. But often, that reliance can become a crutch when the business expands beyond its own IT limitations. From here, businesses that are not able to manage its own IT services well may cause a stunt in growth and lose out on potential business opportunities.

Outsourcing the IT infrastructure may seem expensive but the real question to ask is whether the benefit outweighs the cost. Below are 5 reasons why managed services can be beneficial.

1. Predictable Cost
Consider the traditional break/fix model of an in-house IT department. Future maintenance and repair costs are unpredictable. It can be simple as a cable replacement or as complex as a unexpected server downtime due to unknown reasons. These issues don’t just cost the company money but also time and potential revenue as well. On the other hand, outsourcing your IT can be consolidated into a single, fixed set of OPEX costs. Managed service provides operate with fixed monthly rates and can easily be calculated into your budget.

2. Experts in the Field
Outsourcing to a third-party vendor is not just about equipment but specialization. MSPs have the experience and workforce to be able to handle any issue that may come up or even have pre-alerts to fix an issue before it becomes a problem. You aren’t just hiring them to take care of your IT equipment, on the contrary, you’re hiring them to take care of your business. If the technology in your company goes down, so doe the business. Having experts taking care of your company’s IT is possibly one of the best investments.

3. Cyber Security
IT systems are vulnerable to hackers. The sudden surge in online activities during the pandemic has also seen an increase in cyber-attacks. Monitoring and updating with the latest security patches are essential to any IT system. Unfortunately, most in-house IT departments are not equipped well enough. MSPs have the experience and equipment to monitor remotely while providing the security your system needs.

4. One Contact for All Your Needs
Besides providing experience and expertise, MSPs have access to a wider range of suppliers to source for equipment suitable for your business. Their established relationship with these suppliers often means they can provide lower pricing. Essentially, this saves you time and money as you only have to deal with one vendor while at the same time, getting lower prices.

5. Roadmap to Success
You plan and expect your business to grow. That means that the demand for a better IT infrastructure will grow as well. MSPs can provide the advice and support needed for you to grow your business.

Clearly the benefits of a managed service outweighs an in-house IT department greatly. Waste no further time. Start Now and let us help you get on board in 5 dedicated steps.

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5 Benefits of Managed Service

Let’s face it. Business and technology have achieved a symbiotic relationship. They depend on the other for survival and progress. This is especially true as businesses grow. A start-up usually relies on its own in-house staff to manage IT requirements and it make sense to...

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