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9 Signs Your Smart Home Device’s Been Hacked: Stay Vigilant!

As smart home devices gain popularity for their convenience, they also bring significant security concerns. These devices can be targeted by hackers, posing risks such as unauthorized access to personal data, surveillance, or potential damage to your home.

Frequently, the risks associated with smart home devices go unnoticed. Despite 75% of individuals expressing varying levels of distrust regarding their data usage, the majority still embrace smart home technology.

While we relish the convenience of smart living, it’s essential to remain vigilant against cyber threats. Your smart system could have been compromised by a hacker without your awareness.

Wondering if a hacker has infiltrated your smart home device? Keep an eye out for these telltale signs.

1. Unexpected Behavior

The initial indication of a compromised smart home device is unexpected behavior. If your device begins to behave unpredictably, it’s imperative to delve into the matter. Erratic behavior may manifest in various forms, such as:

  • Lights flickering
  • Thermostat settings changing
  • Smart locks behaving unpredictably

Hackers frequently exploit smart devices to cause disruptions. Detecting these anomalies promptly can help mitigate further harm.

2. Unusual Network Traffic

Keeping a close watch on your home network is a crucial component of cybersecurity. Have you noticed a sudden spike in data consumption or peculiar trends in network activity? If yes, this might signify unauthorized entry.

Cybercriminals might leverage your smart devices for launching attacks or pilfering sensitive data. It’s advisable to routinely examine your router’s activity logs to remain alert to any abnormal network activities.

3. Strange Sounds or Voices

Smart speakers and voice-activated assistants are now ubiquitous in numerous households. If you detect unfamiliar voices or peculiar sounds emanating from these devices, it should raise concerns.

Compromised devices can be exploited by hackers to eavesdrop or interact with household members, raising significant privacy issues. It’s essential to verify that your smart devices only respond to authorized voices.

4. Device Settings Modification

Smart devices provide customizable settings tailored to individual preferences. Have you observed unauthorized modifications to these settings, such as changes in camera angles, sensor sensitivity, or device preferences? If yes, there’s a strong probability that your device has been compromised by a hacker.

Consistently review and update your device settings to retain control over your smart home environment.

5. Unexplained Data Transfers

Smart devices frequently gather and transmit data to the cloud for analysis or storage purposes. Monitor your device’s data usage closely and remain cautious of any unexplained data transfers. Hackers might exploit vulnerabilities to extract sensitive information from your devices.

Regularly examining the data usage patterns of your smart devices aids in detecting any suspicious activity.

6. Device Inaccessibility

Discovering yourself unexpectedly locked out of your smart home devices could indicate hacking. Hackers might alter passwords or activate two-factor authentication without your authorization, seizing control of your accounts and leaving you unable to access or control your devices.

Take immediate action to regain control. Secure your accounts if you suspect unauthorized access.

7. New or Unknown Devices on the Network

Regularly check the roster of devices linked to your home network. Do you notice any unfamiliar or unauthorized devices? If yes, it’s a clear indication that your network may have been compromised.

Hackers frequently infiltrate your network to exploit vulnerabilities in smart devices or initiate attacks. Strengthen your network security by using robust passwords and contemplate implementing network segmentation for enhanced protection.

8. Frequent Software Glitches

Smart devices receive periodic software updates to address vulnerabilities and bolster security. Have you observed frequent software glitches or encountered difficulties in updating your device? This might indicate interference by a malicious actor.

Ensure that your smart devices are running the latest firmware. This ensures it has the latest security patches and bug fixes installed.

9. Emails or Messages Confirming Changes You Didn’t Make

Certain smart devices send notifications or emails to validate alterations, such as changes in settings, passwords, or device access. Have you received such confirmations for actions you didn’t initiate? If yes, this is a definite indication of unauthorized access.

Act promptly to secure your account, which entails updating passwords and reviewing access permissions.


Article used with permission from The Technology Press.

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9 Signs Your Smart Home Device’s Been Hacked: Stay Vigilant!

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