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APPLUS Australia Selects TRINIX To Renew Aging IT Assets

“Ever since we engaged with TRINIX as a single point of contact for all our IT requirements, I have saved many hours of ‘shopping around’.  TRINIX gave me timely advise, best service and competitive price. What sets TRINIX above the rest of past IT Resellers I have dealt with is COMMUNICATION. TRINIX have been excellent in providing timely updates on progressing orders/purchases.  Even if there has been a delay, updates provided by TRINIX allows me to work around it, if required. In one occasion, there has been laptops supply shortages due to the pandemic, TRINIX was able to assist us with Rental Laptops to help us on our projects which otherwise would have been costly if we need to procure new equipment.

TRINIX E-SHOP portal ( has provided me convenience to purchase online or price check for budgeting purpose. With TRINIX, I never felt the need to engage with other resellers, which saves me the time and effort of negotiating with yet another supplier. TRINIX is always an email or a phone call away to get me what I need to for the current task. I will not hesitate to recommend TRINIX for all your IT needs.”

Roger Weber, Regional IT Manager

Applus Australia


Applus+ is a worldwide leader in the testing, inspection, and certification sector. We are a trusted partner, enhancing the quality and safety of our clients’ assets and infrastructures while safeguarding their operations and improving their environmental performance. Our innovative approach, technical capabilities and highly skilled and motivated workforce of over 23,000 employees assure operational excellence across multiple sectors in more than 70 countries.


Applus IT team manages a large pool of IT assets spread across multisite throughout Australia. The company’s IT assets are aging and in need of replacement.

Applus requires a reliable and experience IT company to help plan, recommend and manage the replacement of the IT Assets in a timely manner.  Their criteria for selection include:

  • Local WA company
  • Reliable Supplier
  • Effective IT Supply Chain


Due to budget constraint, Applus have withheld refreshing its aging IT assets for many years. This issue is reflected from end user complaints due to workstations being slow resulting in unproductive work.

The IT team has been tasked with finding a solution to this challenge.


Applus began collaborating with TRINIX in early 2020. The company highlighted its challenges to TRINIX. To assist with the budget issue, TRINIX introduced Applus to rental service for its laptop fleet and recommended Applus to carry out a 3-year refresh strategy.

TRINIX arranged for financing company DLL to fund the rental.

Each bundle package includes the following:

  • HP ProBook series 3yr warranty
  • HP dock
  • Nitro PDF enterprise package
  • Trinix White Glove Service – Central Collection, Hard drive Wipe and OS Restore


The Rental services for IT asset refresh have resulted in the following:

  • Fast hardware refresh time
  • End User and management satisfaction due to improved productivity
  • Consistent supply
  • IT Team saving valuable time from sourcing

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APPLUS Australia Selects TRINIX To Renew Aging IT Assets

“Ever since we engaged with TRINIX as a single point of contact for all our IT requirements, I have saved many hours of ‘shopping around’.  TRINIX gave me timely advise, best service and competitive price. What sets TRINIX above the rest of past IT Resellers...

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